Google wants to help you find the perfect Android phone

Android Which Phone tool landing

Because the hardest part in choosing Android over iOS is figuring out which, out the hundreds of Android phones available, you should pick next. Google wants to help make that decision making process a little easier. The search giant has just launched a new landing page on that compares various devices with a handy online web tool.

Android Which Phone tool 2

It’s actually pretty basic. You basically answer a variety of questions like how you plan on using your Android device the most, followed by a few followup questions (how often do you plan on using your camera per week?). Google will continue prying, asking how what about the camera is most important, and when you’re all done, Google will pull up some matches based on your carrier preference.

Android Which Phone tool 3

Once they’ve presented their results — along with specs and software features — you can further filter down results by size, price, or “latest phones.” We’re not going to lie, we hit a few snags in the tool already, with the pictures of the devices not matching their name or descriptions. In either case, you can give it a try for yourself, or simply recommend it to friends and family looking for a new smartphone that isn’t the iPhone 6. Hop on over with the link down below.


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