Here’s where to watch today’s Oculus Rift announcement live online at 1PM Eastern

Oculus Rift is making a big announcement today, and you guessed it: it’s being live-streamed. It’s all going down at 1PM Eastern, and we expect to hear details about the consumer launch of the virtual reality headset, including possible pricing, release date, a new name and — of course — a look at the final design they’ll be going with for its life on store shelves.

That its launch is being streamed on Twitch also suggests we’ll be in store for some new gameplay demos. Recent rumors suggest Oculus Rift will look somewhat similar to the latest Crescent Bay prototype that developers have been using to whip up their content.

oculus rift placeholder render leak

A leak from the company’s own website seemingly contradicted that, though Oculus Rift noted that the devices spotted in the images on their website were “ancient” placeholder renders. Whether that’s just a convenient excuse to throw us off the trail remains to be seen, but we suppose the point is moot considering there are only a couple of short hours before all the details are spilled. Be sure to use the Twitch embed above to follow along once 1PM arrives.

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