Huawei’s New Smartphones Costs 1000 Yuan, Comes With Fingerprint Recognition and Full Network Coverage

The 1000 Yuan smartphone market is a very competitive market with manufacturers trying to put as many features and as much power as they can in a device that costs only 1000 Yuan or less. An example of this is the recently launched 799 Yuan TCL Meme Da 3S. Today, leaked photos and information reveal that Huawei is working on a new 1000 Yuan smartphone.

huawei-1000yuan-smartphone-leak-01Other than its competitive and affordable price, the new smartphone is reported to feature a new push-type fingerprint recognition system as well as come with support for all network bands. These two features already make the device well worth the 1000 Yuan or less price tag.

According to the vice president of Huawei, Wu Zhou, full network coverage as well as fingerprint recognition will become two of the company’s standard features for most, if not all, of their smartphones.

While the name and the rest of the specifications of the upcoming 1000 Yuan smartphone from Huawei were not part of the leak and are currently not available, the two aforementioned features already makes the device a compelling purchase with its low price tag.

Do you think fingerprint recognition and full network coverage are enough to make a 1000 Yuan smartphone worth more than its price tag?

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