Microsoft’s latest Android app helps you gather opinions from your friends [VIDEO]

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Microsoft’s Garage development initiative (where they reward Microsoft engineers for creating interesting stuff on their own time) is spawning more interesting Android apps. The latest is Tossup, a new app which helps you gather opinions from your friends.

The idea is for you to present your friends with some sort of decision, whether it be where to go for lunch or something as silly as what to wear to work for the day, and have everyone chime in. Tossup has a multitude of polling options such as Yes / No or Date / Time, and there’s even a way to make custom options if the built-in stuff isn’t doing it for you.

This isn’t groundbreaking stuff, mind you. It’s nothing a quick text or phone call can’t handle for most situations where only a few people are involved. But if you’re looking to get quick opinions from a big group of people about whatever it is you’re torn on, this doesn’t seem like a bad way to process all the information. Head here for the Google Play download.

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