The Ulefone Be Touch 2 Can Be Used to Smash Walnuts and Drive Nails

Smartphones nowadays have a large variety of functions through built-in features or installed apps. But have you ever thought of using your smartphone as a hammer? Well, Ulefone shows us, in a released video, that their new Be Touch 2 is durable enough for it.

ulefone-betouch2-hammer-walnut-video-01The video released by Ulefone shows a Be Touch 2 being used to not only smash walnuts but also hammer down nails. What’s surprising is that it’s not the Be touch 2’s rear that’s being used to hammer down the walnuts and nails but the device’s screen which is protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which may give some of the credit for the device’s durability to Corning. Either way, the Ulefone Be Touch 2 was able to survive the ordeal and come out working fine and, from what can be seen from the video, without so much as a scratch.

It should also be noted though that you shouldn’t ever attempt to do any of this to your Be Touch 2 as any possible damage resulting from it will be your responsibility and won’t be covered by your warranty. You’ll probably never be in a situation where you’ll need to use your smartphone to hammer walnuts or nails anyway but seeing it done here is both interesting and entertaining to see.

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