Xiaomi Announces New Sexy Colour Options of Piston Headphones

Xiaomi is not widely known not only for its smartphones but also for a wide array of accessories. This time around about the Xiaomi Piston headphones, which were released some time ago. However, due to its popularity the company decided to launch some new colour options, which include glacier blue, lilac, and cherry pink. As usual, the headphones will carry a ridiculously low price of just 49 Yuan (around $15) in China.

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The new colour options are said to be “The most suitable for the streets”, meaning that they are mainly designed to express your individuality. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi did some things to improve the quality of the headset.

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In order to improve the toughness of the headset, the Kevlar fiber material was added in manufacturing the headphone wire. Thus, it should prolong the life of the cable and makes it more sturdy. What is more, the headphones have a flat cable design.

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Other features worth mentioning are the built-in mic, which is fully compatible with Xiaomi and mainstream Android smartphones. The buttons let you take a full control of volume, play/pause, answer or hang up the call and other features.

Apple users will be also able to use the play/pause, answer or hang up the call features.

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Some key specs of these headphones include impedance – 32O, sensitivity – 98dB, frequency response range 20-20000Hz. In addition, the headphones have a weight of  15g. Also, the headphones use some sound enhancement technologies like a “sandwich diaphragm” metal composite technology and third-generation balance damping system and so on.

The headphones are already on sale in China and can be purchased via official online MI store.

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