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 Current Version: 3.7.0
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Tools
v3.7.0 update:
* Added confirm dialog to “Backup all” on Installed Apps screen
* Fixed Installed count on Backed Up Apps screen
* Minor bugs fixes on Backed Up screen
* Fixed fc on some devices
* Updated support libraries and targetSdkVersion to 19
* Updated Arabic, Azerbaijani, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Slovak translation
* md5: 4dbac1cb5b66abd529df5ec2625dc512
AppWererabbit is a set of tools developed to help you manage apps and apk files on your smartphone and tablet.
? App Backup & Restore
- Backup/Restore apps to/from SD card
- Backup Play Store link for protected apps
- batch backup
- batch restore
- Auto backup on install
- multiple version backup with version management
- Quick uninstalling
- User definable backup folder location
? App List Backup
- App list backup for easy restore on new device
- Support multiple list
? App2SD (Move apps to SD)
- Identify and facilitate the moving of apps that support App2SD
? App Cache Cleaner
- 1-Tap Cleaner
- Schedule cleaning
- Auto cleaning on low storage space
? App Sharer
- Share interesting apps you discovered with your friends
- Send apk files to cloud storage like Dropbox, etc…
- Search app from Play Store
? Apk Installer
- Search the device’s storage for .apk files for install
? Apk Renamer
- Search the device’s storage for .apk files for rename
- Custom APK name format
- batch rename
? Other Features
- Filter apps by System, User, Frozen, etc…
- Sort apps by install-date, name, size, cache size, etc…
- Selectable display language
Comparison between FREE and PRO version
* Arabic [???????]
* Azerbaijani [Azeri]
* Chinese [????/????]
* Danish [Dansk]
* Dutch [Nederlands]
* English
* Farsi [?????] – Persian
* French [Français]
* German [Deutsch]
* Hungarian [Magyar]
* Italian [Italiano]
* Macedonian [??????????]
* Norwegian [Norsk bokmål]
* Polish [Polski]
* Portuguese (Brazil) [Português (Brasil)]
* Portuguese (Portugal) [Português (Portugal)]
* Romanian [Româna]
* Russian [???????]
* Serbian [C?????]
* Slovak [Slovencina]
* Spanish (Spain) [Espa?ol (España)]
* Thai [???]
* Turkish [Türkçe]
* Vietnamese [Ti?ng Vi?t]
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