Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro 1.8.5 apk

Current Version: 1.8.5
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Tools
v1.8.5 update:
Bug Fixes:
Bug 0098 – Fix kernel support database issue
Bug 0099 – Fix rare CPU governor FC issues
Bug 0100 – Add work around for Kitkat 4.4.x service issues
Bug 0101 – Fix ZSwap On/Off issues for Note 3, Nexus 5 and Moto G
Bug 0102 – Sort Per App Control Listings
New Features:
0116 – Official HTC One X KitKat support!
0117 – Add Intelli-KSM Controls
0118 – Add support Built-in Cpu frequency cap
0119 – Add support Intelli-plug without mpdecision
*** Root and Busybox are TWO PREREQUISITES needed for this app ***
*** NOTE 1: If settings DO NOT appear to stick, make sure “Superuser” is working properly. I recommend SuperSU!
*** NOTE 2: Make sure you have BUSYBOX updated or installed.
If you run into any issues and would like to participate in fixing these issues together with me. Join my beta testing community here:
Let’s work together to fix all BUGS!
*** Feel Free to email () me directly for issues and support before commenting with low ratings. Thanks! ***
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) can be found here:
This application OFFICIALLY supports the following ROOTED devices:
* Google Nexus 7 2012/2013 (WiFi and 3G models), Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5
* HTC One X International Version (Tegra3), Amaze 4G, Sensation 4G / XE, One (ALL versions except VZW)
* Samsung Galaxy S 2 USA Version (ATT/T-mobile), S 3 USA Version (ATT/T-mobile/Verizon), S 4 ALL Version (ATT/T-mobile/Sprint/Verizon/GT-9505), Galaxy Note 2 (ATT/T-Mobile/Verizon), Note 3 LTE Models (Qualcomm chips)
* Oppo Find 5
* Moto G/X
Up Coming Support for:
This application ALSO unofficially supports ALL ROOTED ICS, JB, KK capable devices (Phones and Tablets). This app will works on ALL your other ICS/JB/KK devices!
*** Application Features: ***
> CPU Control:
– Displays CPU core frequencies in real-time
– adjustment of CPU governors
– adjustments of CPU Min/Max frequencies
– mpdecision on/off (Qualcomm devices)
– CPU Quiet Governor (Tegra3 devices)
– Eco Mode (Battery Savings)
> Voltage Control:
– Displays current voltage per frequency
– Tweak CPU voltage (Global/Individual)
– Smart Reflex On/Off (Galaxy Nexus)
> CPU Governor Control: (supports ANY CPU governor!)
– Allows for CPU governor specific tweaks
> GPU Control:
– Displays GPU frequencies in real-time
– selection of available GPU governors (My kernel and Qualcomm Chipsets)
– GPU max frequencies (Qualcomm Chipsets and kernels with GPU Overclocking enabled!)
– GPU V-sync capability (Qualcomm Chipsets ONLY)
> I/O Scheduler Control: (Supports built-in eMMC and SDcard if available)
– Selection of available I/O schedulers
– Tweak read-ahead size
> Low Memory Killer Controls:
– Custom tweaks for LMK
> MDNIE/Gamma controls
> FastCharge Controls:
– Custom Charge current controls
> Miscellaneous Control: (depending on device, not all features are available)
– Dynamic File Sync (faster storage I/O)
– TCP Congestion Algorithm
– USB FastCharge
– WiFi power management
– USB OTG Hack / charge
> Vibration Strength control
– Vibration Strength %
> Sweep2wake control
– Orientation (Nexus 4)
– Button LED (Sensation/Amaze and other HTC devices)
– Home2Wake, Logo2Wake, Home2Sleep, Logo2Sleep (HTC One ONLY)
> Per App Control (Profiles!)
– CPU min/max frequencies, GPU max frequencies, GPU governor and Eco Mode
> Color Control: (Not all features are available for different models)
– Color temperature (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4, HTC One)
– Gamma curve (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, HTC One, Nexus 7 2013)
– Contrast (Galaxy Nexus ONLY)
– Gamma look up table (Galaxy Nexus ONLY)
> Z-Control:
– ZRAM Swap On/Off, Disk Size
– Memory adjustments
– CleanCache / Frontswap / Z-RAM (CompCache) Stats
> Thermal Control: (Qualcomm Devices ONLY)
– Disable Qualcomm’s thermald/thermal-engine/HTC’s pngmgr
– Control built-in Intelli-thermal
– Thermal statistics
> Download Control: (available only for OFFICIAL devices)
– Checks for latest stable kernel and beta kernels
> Information:
– Social networking links (Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus)
– Kernel Support links (xda-developers and rootzwiki forums)
I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by the use of this app. No warranties of any kind are given.

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