Next Angry Birds installment will be set in Medieval Times (video)

We’ve got the trailer for the next Angry Birds gamer and it seems that Rovio’s flock of feathered protagonists are sick of outer space and Brazil, and they’re going back to the past.

The trailer suggests (heavily) that the next Angry Birds game will be set in Medieval Times. What tipped us off? Oh, maybe the giant armored knight in the trailer.

There’s some speculation that the game is heavily influenced from the popular series, Game of Thrones. Don’t expect an official tie-in, as the two brands aren’t exactly congruous.

The soft launch of the game will first be hitting Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, with the rest of the world following after.

Any predictions on what will be different about this newest installment? It would be pretty difficult to birds to fly if they were covered in armor, don’t you think?

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