ROM KitKat 4.4.2 for Google Nexus 4 MAKO Cataclysm


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Dec 14, 2013: Fixed the network mode change upon switching data on/off.Cataclysm Dec 12, 2013 release.
Dec 12, 2013: Sources updated to android-4.4.2_r1.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed immersive mode confirmation popping sometimes for a moment.
Dec 12, 2013: Added option to show touches while screen recording.
Dec 12, 2013: (Re)Added ability to open AppOps from outside.
Dec 12, 2013: More consistent screen recording notification with dedicated stop button and elapsed time.
Dec 12, 2013: Screen recorder max limit bumped to 30 min.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed lag when powering off torch after screen timed out.
Dec 12, 2013: More consistent reboot menu
Dec 12, 2013: Removed force sleep after missed call being obsolete in 4.4.x
Dec 12, 2013: InCallBlocker: fixed pickup/hangup mode showing the call for a moment.
Dec 12, 2013: Fixed Google dialer not showing nearby place pictures.
Dec 06, 2013: Sources updated to android-4.4.1_r1.
Dec 06, 2013: Google dialer: incoming call ui revamped with bigger picture.
Dec 06, 2013: Google dialer: answer with text more consistent.
Dec 06, 2013: Misc: disable fullscreen landscape keyboard, better implementation.
Dec 06, 2013: Fixed bottom portrait keyboard gap on immersive mode.
Dec 06, 2013: Misc: added statusbar brightness control.
Dec 06, 2013: Exposed App Ops in Cataclysm settings.
Dec 06, 2013: Added screen recorder toggle.
Dec 06, 2013: Added delete and share action to screen recorder notification.
Dec 06, 2013: Added screenrecorder service and native lib (0xD34D). Power + volUp to start/stop recording.
Dec 06, 2013: Text inside circle battery is now centered correctly.
Dec 06, 2013: Disabling SmartRadio will reset radio to default power mode.
Dec 06, 2013: Longpress backilling an app will remove it from recents most of the time.
Dec 06, 2013: Disabled internal OTA receiver.
Nov 26, 2013: Fixed recent button lag.
Nov 26, 2013: Clear recents button will place itself correctly with no navbar or when immersive mode is active.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed Quick Toggles landscape resizing layout issue.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed AOSP bug on statusbar transparency when putting phone to sleep with notification expanded.
Nov 25, 2013: Disable PowerMenu when secure lockscreen will disable it on lockscreen camera aswell.
Nov 25, 2013: Recent button will place itself accordingly to navbar size.
Nov 25, 2013: Fix centerclock overlap when unlocking the phone during an incoming notification.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed “portrait only” incorrectly resizing the default width.
Nov 25, 2013: Navbar and toggles resize is 100% accurate.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed support for H+ and RTL languages.
Nov 25, 2013: Lockscreen targets bumped to seven, fixed settings layout while on landscape.
Nov 25, 2013: Lockscreen targets: fixed inability to pick custom icons from other apps then gallery.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed possible inability to rearrange toggles for Spanish lang people.
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed Smart Radio still appearing as Smart3G for non english lang people.
Nov 25, 2013: Added .nomedia file to Cataclysm folder to avoid displaying Cataclysm related stuff on gallery.
Nov 25, 2013: Replaced holo background when rearranging toggles, replaced holo string for No recents.
Nov 21, 2013: Cataclysm is now ART compatible. Cataclysm Nov 21, 2013 release.
Nov 21, 2013: Fix Force menu showing on lockscreen.
Nov 21, 2013: Added Immersive mode toggle.
Nov 21, 2013: Lockscreen options: disable powermenu if secure.
Nov 21, 2013: Misc: disable fullscreen keyboard on landscape.
Nov 21, 2013: Fixed issue with clock getting truncated when too many system icons.
Nov 21, 2013: Batteries revamp, some icons replacement/fix.
Nov 21, 2013: Sources updated to KRT16S.
Nov 16, 2013: Immersive mode *Experimental* replaces Expanded desktop.
Nov 16, 2013: Longpress lockscreen slider when maximized to unlock.
Nov 16, 2013: QT: added Cataclysm toggle.
Nov 16, 2013: Misc: force show menu.
Nov 16, 2013: Misc: show data activity overlay on statusbar.
Nov 16, 2013: All JB features except FakeCall have been ported to KK. Cataclysm first KitKat MAKO release

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