Latest Oppo N3 teaser confirms fingerprint scanner

Oppo keeps its N3 teaser campaign going and the latest image it has shared once again is once again about the rotating camera of its upcoming phablet. And while the precision optics are clearly the focal point, the most interesting bit is a bit further down the back of the phone.

The image shows the fingerprint sensor, which we first saw in a leaked live photo last week. It’s centrally located on the back panel so it falls underneath your index finger when you hold the phone. At this point it’s unclear what kind of functionality the finger scanner will enable (outside of securely unlocking your phone), but we hope Oppo has though of a few cool uses of it.

We are also yet to find out if it will be a swipe-scanner similar to the one found on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and the HTC One Max or a touch one like the ones on the Apple products and the recently released Huawei Ascend Mate7. The latter has the coolest implementation we’ve seen so far and we hope the Oppo N3 manages to match it.

The wait until we find out certainly isn’t going to be long – the Oppo N3 will premiere next week, on October 29. We’ll be covering the whole thing live, so make sure you tune to our homepage when the time comes for the full scoop of the device.

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