Deal: Pay what you want for 10 courses of mobile app development

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Here’s a quick heads-up on a deal for anyone who has urges to get into mobile coding at some point. Android Area has the Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle on sale right now, and you can pay whatever you want for it. The bundle is valued at over $1,000. It features 10 courses from a variety of publications with hundreds of hours of educational content to develop apps for Android and iOS.

This deal is similar to the Humble Bundle. You can pay whatever you want, but to get all 10 courses you have to pay more than the average. At the time of writing this article the average price people have paid is only $6.94. The more people that buy this deal the higher the average will go, so grab it while it’s still under $10. If you’re trying to be a big shot you can beat the leader’s price, which is currently $100.

This is a great way to get tons of information about developing mobile apps at dirt cheap prices. Head over to Android Area to grab this deal before it ends in 4 days.

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