Hearthstone is getting an awesome new game mode for the first time in next update

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Hearthstone fans, rejoice! Arena, Ranked and Casual play are no longer the only three ways to have fun in the collectible card game. Blizzard has announced a great new update that will add Tavern Brawl.

Tavern Brawl is a new game mode where Blizzard sets some whacky conditions for building decks, as well as possibly changing card texts or increasing (and even decreasing) life totals. It’s a fun way to play the game that has been featured by many third-party tournaments in the past, so we’re glad to see Blizzard incorporating something into the game as standard.

The way it works is Blizzard will set up a new “Brawl” each week, with global parameters being applied to everyone who enters. One week might be building a deck where you can’t use any class cards, while next week you could see a zero mana cost Dr. Boom. Crazy, I know. Blizzard hasn’t yet fully detailed the rewards you get for participating in brawls, though they did note that the mode will be free to start (indicating there may be a pay wall — whether you have to use gold or real money — down the line).

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Other changes coming as part of patch 2.7 include the ability to set card backs for individual decks, as well as buying (for $9.99, no other option) and using the new alternate heroes. These heroes won’t have different class cards or mechanics, but you do get a new face to look at, new emotes and possibly new hero power animations. You can see the Warrior’s new hero — Magni Bronzebeard — in the video ahead.

So when’s it all arriving? Blizzard’s only timeline was “mid-June,” which isn’t very long. We’d hope it’s in time for the weekend, though knowing Blizzard we’re likely to see it around Monday or Tuesday.

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