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Zombie Lane v1.0.24 [Mod] | APK Download

Zombie Lane

Developer: Digital Chocolate Inc.
Version: 1.0.24
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 36 MB
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Zombies are invading your Zombie Lane. Now it is up to you to fight back!

It is a zombie apocalypse where Zombies are invading your Zombie Lane. Can you save your neighbourhood and reunite with your family?! Become a hero!

This is a fun original game designed for Android and is separate from the Facebook game. The award winning, popular Zombie Lane game from Digital Chocolate is finally here for Android! Also, be sure to check out all the great reviews, including the video review from C/Net:
  • Fight nasty, fun-loving yet persistent zombies.
  • Create your town.
  • Take back control of your neighborhood from the zombies.
  • Shoot and smack them with a shovel!
  • Collect necessary equipment to restore your home.
  • Get get your spouse and your dog safely back home.
  • Build fences around the house to protect against zombie attacks.
  • Plant crops for food and energy to prep you for a zombie apocalypse.
  • Connect to Facebook and invite friends to add them as neighbors.
  • Help your neighbors, share experience & gifts.
  • Unlock new missions!
New characters, zombies and areas will appear when the player advance in the game missions.

  • Hours of gameplay - Complete 100+ quests and help the Rent-a-Cop Rob restore peace to your neighborhood.
  • Kill zombies in style - Equip a variety of weapons including shotgun, shovel, machine gun, katana, and more.
  • Craft weapons of your choice - Gather material to craft super weapons such as flamethrowers, shrapnel-bombs, and more.
  • Feel rewarded - Achievements and items as you take down zombies.
  • Customize yourself - Dress up your character from head-to-toe.
  • Follow the storyline- Rebuild the house to get your spouse and dog home safely.
  • HD graphics!
  • Connect to Facebook and invite friends to add them as neighbors.
  • Help your neighbors, share experience & gifts.
  • Unlock new missions!
  • Free shopping - Level up to get unlimited Coins and Cash.

For more info, visit Zombie Lane on Google Play.

Password: axa

Kick The Boss 2 v1.22 [Mod] | APK Download

Kick The Boss 2

Developer: Game Hive Corporation
Version: 1.22
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 33 MB / 34 MB
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

The Boss is back and ready to make your life a living hell. But you're not the same good guy taking orders anymore. You've been granted the power to take sweet vengeance on this tyrannical boss. Backed by an arsenal of dangerous weapons, kick the boss with magical forces, lethal guns and deadly blades. Let him pay the price of messing with the wrong guy.

Kick the Boss 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original title. With 16 million downloads to date; it strives to better what made the first one a hit in every possible way. The simple controls remain the same but it offers new art, weapons, stages, sound effects, and enhanced gameplay. This is not a good game; it’s a freaking awesome one! Why?
  • Laugh your butt off funny: These aren't jokes for your grandma.
  • Physics Simulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all your intense beating.
  • Premium Weapons: 80+ all new skull cracking, bone breaking, nerve-racking weapons.
  • New Town Map: 7 interactive stages, each with their own bosses and secrets to discover.
  • New way to play: Funny player objectives and premium rewards.
  • Free to play: Get every weapons in-game absolutely free! Money shouldn't limit you experience.
  • Money - When you spend any money in game, it is added to your amount x2 instead of spending it.
  • Levels - When you level up it will go 5 levels at a time.
  • Diamonds - Do some of the missions to get 30 Diamonds, then go to the weapon builder and buy an item for 30 diamonds. Instead of spending Diamonds, they are added back to your amount x4.

For more info, visit Kick The Boss 2 on Google Play.

Password: axa

APK File – With Level Mod
APK File – Without Level Mod

Expendable Rearmed v1.1.3 | APK Download

Expendable Rearmed

Developer: Retrobomb
Version: 1.1.3
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 42 MB
Price: US$2.99
Average Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Classic arcade action shooter, addictive gameplay brought up to date. Retrobomb proudly presents the PC and Dreamcast 1999 classic arcade shooter brought right up to date on your Android handheld device.

AD 2463.

For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its horizons. The most suitable planets and moons near Earth have been terraformed, turning the once-inhospitable wastelands into habitable places.

Deeper and deeper into the universe mankind spread itself, until only a mere handful of humans would or could survive the journey. These distant worlds became industrial powerhouses colonized by few human beings. Although they had to forego the comforts of home, they still managed to scratch out a living in the newly-fertile lands.

For all he knew, man was alone in the vastness of space, until they came – The G'neng.

You are given control of a clone army of Expendable units, dropped in one by one, rearmed to battle for the last human settlements which have been overrun by the G'neng, a malevolent bio-mechanical alien race.

You start close to home, on the front line of the invasion, and make your way across the galaxy through colonies which have been in the hands of the enemy for longer and longer, until you reach the enemy home-world.

Or to put it simply...

If It Moves, Shoot It - Attack the G'neng and kill them all. Relentless waves of aliens in a fight to the death.

If It Doesn't Move, Blow It Up - Nearly everything can be blown up. Large detailed worlds ready to be destroyed. Beautifully rendered destruction effects, have never made destruction so satisfying.

Console Quality
  • You will never believe your phone or tablet could ever do this.
No Loading Times
  • Bored of waiting for your games to load between levels. Expendable Rearmed uses our unique streaming technology to all but remove loading times.
Weapons Galore
  • Loads of weapons including Flame Throwers, Mini-Guns, Phantasm Orbs, Alien weapons, SpiraCannons, Heat seeking missiles and the almighty Railgun, all with 5 levels of powerups. Grenades, too, including the insane destruction of the nuke-grenade.
Fabulous Sound
  • All the original sound effects and music
Achievements And Global High Scores
  • Just like the old arcades, don't just be best in your town, be best in the world. Download and use the Scoreloop app to put your name up in lights.
Rendering Effects For Tegra 3
  • Some all new effects tuned for Tegra hardware.
  • Have bragging rights with your new Nexus hardware.
Compatible with and runs well with all popular chipsets – Tegra3, Snapdragon, Adreno, Mali and SGX hardware.


For more info, visit Expendable Rearmed on Google Play.

Password: axa

Advanced Task Manager Pro v3.0.2 | APK Download

Advanced Task Manager Pro

Developer: InfoLife LLC
Version: 3.0.2
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Productivity
Size: 1 MB
Price: US$2.99
Average Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Best task killer for android system, speed up phone, save battery! Kill tasks,free memory,speed up phone,save battery. ATM 2.0 with totally new UI is coming, and it's really cool!

  • Kill selected tasks.
  • Android optimizer.
  • Ignore apps when kill tasks.
  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off.
  • Regular kill.
  • Startup kill.
  • One click task kill widget.
  • Quick uninstaller.
  • Show battery life.
  • Support android 1.5 / 1.6 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.x / 4.0.
  • Ad-free.

Q: Why do apps restart again?
A: Some apps are restarted by system events apps cannot be prevented from restarting because of the limitation of the system. It is suggested to enable auto kill in settings, and it will kill tasks on every screen off. It will help to save battery life and release memory for the phone.

Q: How can I add app to ignore list?
A: You can long click on the task that you want to ignore, then you will get a poped up context menu, click "Ignore". The ignored apps will not be listed in the task list, and will never be killed. You can manage the ignored apps in settings.

Q: How can I manage startup apps?
A: There is "Startup Kill" in settings, it can help you to kill tasks on system startup.


For more info, visit Advanced Task Manager Pro on Google Play.


Icon Pack - Wood v1.4 | APK Download

Developer: StealthyChief
Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Personalization
Size: 8 MB
Price: US$1.99
Average Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

This is a icon pack with wood icons. Perfect for fans of wood themes and wooden icons!
Now supports automatic apply of icons and works on Jellybean! Over 380 icons are included, with more to come in future updates! The following launchers/applications are currently supported for this icon pack :
  • GO Launcher EX
  • ADWLauncher/Ex
  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Holo Launcher
  • Atom Launcher
  • Desktop Visualizer

For more info, visit Icon Pack - Wood on Google Play.

Password: axa

Lonely Tree Live Wallpaper v1.28 | APK Download

Lonely Tree Live Wallpaper

Developer: Broken Teapot Studios Inc.
Version: 1.28
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Category: Personalization
Size: 7 MB
Price: US$1.00
Average Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

A live wallpaper featuring a beautiful winter scene.

Try the demo version first to make sure you're happy with it!

Lonely Tree is designed with the Nexus 10 in mind, with high-resolution textures and a tablet-friendly holo-themed settings panel. It looks and feels beautiful on standard sized phones as well.

The winter nature scene reacts dynamically to the wind speed ranged selected in the settings, with the tree gently swaying in the wind, the bushes fluttering, and the snowflakes becoming faster and more streaky.

Almost everything is customizable including the strength of the wind, the amount of snow, and the size and position of the tree.

To Use: Long press on Home Screen > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers


For more info, visit Lonely Live Wallpaper on Google Play.

Password: axa

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard v3.1.0.377 | APK Download

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

Developer: SwiftKey
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Productivity
Size: 4 MB
Price: US$3.99
Average Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Unlock your typing potential.

Meet the world’s smartest touchscreen keyboard for Android.

SwiftKey 3 understands how words work together, giving much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards. Very sloppy typing will magically make sense, even if you miss spaces, and SwiftKey 3 also predicts your next words.

SwiftKey 3 learns the words and phrases you use, and how you interact with your keyboard as you use it, to make typing easier and even more accurate over time. You can also personalize it using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts.
SwiftKey is among Android's best selling apps for a reason – it transforms your keyboard, making typing a breeze and saving you hassle every day.

  • Smart Space - Adding to SwiftKey’s already cutting edge correction, Smart Space detects mistyped or omitted spaces across strings of sloppily typed words in real-time.
  • Two new themes - A new theme, ‘Cobalt’, to match SwiftKey’s new look and feel, and an Ice Cream Sandwich-styled "Holo" theme, as voted for by SwiftKey’s VIP community.
  • An enhanced UI - A much larger space bar and smart punctuation key help improve accuracy and make it quick and easy to access common punctuation. Just tap and slide left on the period for exclamation point, or tap and slide right for question mark. No need to long-press.
  • Additional languages - SwiftKey 3 now offers support for an additional seven languages, bringing the total up to 42.

For more info, visit SwiftKey 3 Keyboard on Google Play.


ES File Explorer File Manager v1.6.2.4 | APK Download

ES File Explorer File Manager

Developer: ES Mobile
Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Category: Productivity
Size: 3 MB
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Featured file manager & app manager which can explore the phones & computers. ES File Explorer is a free, full-featured file and application manager. It functions as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, task killer, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One), FTP client, and Samba client. It provides access to pictures, music, video, documents, and other files on both your Android devices and your computers.

ES File Explorer allows Android users, no matter where they are, to manage their resources for free. You can see and access all of your files from your mobile device and share them with others. The app makes it easy to stay connected over 3G, 4G, EDGE, or WiFi to share with friends, upload photos, and watch videos.

Over 100 million downloads globally!

Rated one of best resource management tools on Android market.

ES File Explorer currently supports 31 languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean,French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Br), Portuguese (Pt),Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Slovak, Hindi, Malay, Swahili, Persian, Thai, Romanian, Arabic, Serbian, Turkish, Czech, and Swedish

This standard version is for Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. Android 1.5/1.6/2.0 users, please use ES File Explorer Cupcake version.

  • File Manager - Manage your files like you do on your desktop or laptop using Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark; operations can be performed on local files (on your Android device) or remotely (on your computer).
  • Application Manager - Categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps.
  • Remote File Manager - When enabled, manage files on your phone from your computer.
  • Built-in ZIP and RAR support allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files.
  • Built-in viewers and players for various file types, including photos, music, and videos; supports third-party applications, such as Documents To Go, for opening others.
  • Shows thumbnails for APKs and images.
  • Text viewers and editors.
  • Access your home PC via WiFi with SMB.
  • Functions as your FTP and WebDAV client. Manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers just like you manage files on your SD card.
  • Supports Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive (Google Docs is now a part of Google Drive), SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and more.
ES File Explorer is an enhanced cloud storage client with more functions than the official versions,
it can save photos, videos, and other files to your internet drives and share them with others.
  • Bluetooth File Browser - You can copy and paste files between Bluetooth ready devices. It supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices.
  • Kill tasks with a single click, includes a simple widget for automatically killing tasks, with an ignore list to ignore the applications you want to keep running. To use this feature, you must have ES Task Manager module installed.
  • Root Explorer - The ultimate set of file management tools for root users. Provides access to the entire file system and all data directories, and allows the user to change permissions.
  • Developers can visit our website for the developer interface for picking files from your applications, emailing attachments, etc.
  • More features included, and many more to come.

Q: Cannot find external SD cards, devices (Samsung Galaxy S III, etc.)?
A: Click the Favorites button to bring up your external memory cards.

Q: Cannot unhide files?
A: Press your phone’s menu button and go to Settings > File Settings and select Show Hidden Files.


For more info, visit ES Explorer File Manager on Google Play.


iKamasutra - Sex Positions v2.1.5 [All Functions] | APK Download

iKamasutra - Sex Positions

Developer: SutraTaps
Version: 2.1.5
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
Category: Books & Reference
Size: 21 MB
Price: US$2.99
Average Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

There's a position for that.

Find out what over 15 million lovers are all smiling about.

Lovingly written and illustrated exclusively for this Android app, iKamasutra brings thousands of years of Kama Sutra experimentation into one incredibly fun and sensual app. View over one hundred sex positions in 9 categories, each tastefully drawn and explained, and enjoy tracking your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master using the world's ultimate guide to sex. iKamasutra is the most highly recommended app of its kind, with a beautifully designed and pleasing interface. You may never be able to stop glancing at your phone again!

There’s a position for that.
  • 110 of the most popular sex positions come included with your app purchase to motivate and inspire you. (More available through in-app purchase.)
  • Easy-to-follow, professionally written descriptions move you quickly into position.
  • Nine categories to get your desires organized — everything from Cowgirl to Exotic.
  • Soothing sitar music to set the right mood (optional).
  • Password-protect the app to maintain your privacy.
Stretch to your limits.
  • Track your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master by marking positions you've tried.
  • Search for the perfect position based on Intimacy, Complexity & Strength levels.
  • Create a list of Favorite positions as well as a To Do list for positions you just have to attempt.
  • A places challenge lets you keep track of where you make love, not just how.
Shake it, baby. You’ll like it.
  • Ask your partner to shake the phone to choose a random new position.
  • Swipe left or right to view the next position.
  • Add your own personal notes to each position.
  • Rotate the phone to landscape for a full-screen slideshow.
Email just got exciting again. Email positions to your partner any time of day, right from your phone. No time for email? You and your partner can view Today's Position and get busy! Be the envy of all your friends by sharing your progress or favorite positions by email, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Remove old version first, install this version and run. You must download all additional data (80 MB) at first run. Please backup your old version data/setting/preference via Titanium Backup (if necessary).


For more info, visit iKamasutra - Sex Positions on Google Play.



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