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Real Boxing™ v1.02 Apk Game Download

“This Striking Boxing Game is Completely Unreal” Kotaku
Real Boxing™ brings you the most exhilarating, no holds barred fighting action ever seen on Android, taking you closer to the action than you ever thought possible.
Featuring ultra-realistic motion capture from real boxers plus amazing graphics from the powerful Unreal Engine 3, you’ll see sweat and blood fill the air and you’ll feel every hook, jab, and uppercut in Real Boxing, the most exciting boxinggame yet on the Android.
★★ Amazing 3D Graphics & Sound ★★
The amazing Unreal-powered graphics and motion capture create astonishing levels of realism. Watch sweat and blood fly with every punch and see your opponent’s face taking injuries; then relish the slow motion action replay of your greatest KO’s.
★★Experience the roar of the crowd★★
Fight in atmospheric arenas with authentic commentary. See the flash of the camera bulbs, hear and feel the roar of the crowd like you’re really there.
★★ Incredibly Deep Gameplay ★★
Take-on Career Mode with over 30 fights and three belt titles to conquer. Fight over 20 opponents with their own unique and adaptive fighting styles then train your boxer with mini games including skipping rope, heavy bag and mini bag. Alsoplay KO and Clinch minigames during a round for an energy boost.
★★ Packed with Extra features & Customisation ★★
Unlock new equipment, extra opponents and clothing. Customise your fighter’s appearance: hairstyle, skin colour, tattoos and clothing.
What’s in this version: (Updated : Apt 19, 2013)
MOGA controller support with the boxer now moving around the ring!
In-app purchase improvements
Bug fixes
More Info:
Download Instructions: Released by : chathu_ac
Zippy: APK & OBB:

SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE 2 v1.1.1 Apk Game Download

Shiny Gold Allies & Amazing Charms on Sale!
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!
The Samurai is back… and he’s brought friends! Play as the heroic Samurai, the deadly Kunoichi Assassin, and the stalwart Armored Ronin to defend your village against even nastier hordes of brutal zombies and demons!
Recruit allies, build defenses, and recover sacred Artifacts to stop them!
Recruit exciting new allies and set up your defense against hordes of zombies!
Expand your defense by unlocking powerful new heroes!
Steal Artifacts from your friends (or enemies!) to complete collections and gain big rewards!
Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses, and magical abilities!
Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.
What’s in this version:
➤ Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
More Info:…lu.samuzombie2
Download Instructions:
Direct link…super fast

Rage Adventure Apk 1.1.2 ~ APK™ Data

Rage Adventure Apk 1.1.2

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: The hardest game ever!

18 stages of adventure and puzzle is waiting for your challenge. It's a game for the most brilliant people in the world.
Caution: For thoses people whose IQ below 250, please don't even have a try. It will really drive you crazy!

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Paint My Cat Apk 1.1 ~ APK™ Data

Paint My Cat Apk 1.1

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: "In the cluttered app store, Paint My Cat is unique and executed in a really clever and fun fashion.”
– Newest Top Pick of
Please watch the demo video - it explains better than these words ever can.

This is a whole new way to use your phone or tablet and a completely unique experience! Colour your cat and his playthings, them bring them to life in the world around you. This app really has the “WOW” factor!!

● 80 colors to choose from
● 3 brush sizes
● Beautiful illustrations and artwork
● Realistic 3D physics and animation
● Stunning visual effects as your pictures come to life
● Customize your cat’s appearance with hats and accessories
● Personalize the game with your own colors and ideas
● Pick up and interact with objects in the virtual rooms
● Interact with your cat – you can poke or tickle him and see his reaction
● Develops hand eye co-ordination
● Excellent for fine motor skill development
● Gameplay is simple and kid-friendly
● Animations guide non-readers through the game
● Kid and mom tested
● Completely ad-free
● Cat makes fun sounds
● Progress is saved when you leave the app
● Erase button for when you want to start over
● Fun coloring activity for all ages

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Ducati Challenge Apk 1.18 ~ APK™ Data

Ducati Challenge Apk 1.18

Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Speed and fun on two wheels, in the palm of your hand.

Speed and fun on two wheels, in the palm of your hand.

Image galleries and achievements
The rich game Extras, including unlockable achievements and exclusive Ducati images you can save on your device, will be the icing on the cake for all Ducati fans.

What's in this version:
- App size reduced (from around 400 MB to 180 MB)
- Fixed bug affecting OS 4.x
- Fixed touch control issues
- Enhanced 2D rendering
- Improved performance and loading
- Removed loading tracks bug
- Minor bug fixes
- Improved device compatibility
1. Install Ducati Challenge APK
2. Copy 'it.dtales.DucatiChallengeFree' folder to 'sdcard/Android/data/'
3. Enjpy!

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Grand Theft Auto III v1.4 Apk Game Download

Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.
With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, GrandTheft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.
Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
HD quality resolution
Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
Custom controls for the mobile platform
Countless hours of gameplay
Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
Tailor your visual experience with new video display settings
Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.
What’s in this version: (Updated : Apr 18, 2013)
Added support for Medion Lifetab and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
Tailor your visual experience with new video display settings
Improved controls for supported gamepads
Improved controls for Xperia Play
Game can now be installed to an SD card
Gamestop Wireless Game Controller fully supported.
Additional technical fixes
More Info:
Download Instructions: Released by : chathu_ac
Instructions :
- Install APK
- Copy ‘com.rockstar.gta3′ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/obb’
- Launch the Game

Mirror: Zippy:
APK & OBB: Part 1 
APK & OBB: Part 2 
APK & OBB: Part 3 

BackStab Apk v1.2.6 ~ APK Data

BackStab Apk v1.2.6 

Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: “My name is Henry Blake, once a proud officer in England’s Royal Navy. Now I stand a shattered man. Betrayed, imprisoned, my fiancĂ©e taken away, I have now found my freedom - and soon I shall find my revenge.”

Take on the role of Henry Blake, a broken man whose life was stripped away, and help in his quest for justice and revenge. Climb, jump and sneak your way through diverse settings to reach your target and strike down adversaries. Use your deadly fighting skills and the combo-based combat system to defeat your nemesis and anyone else who gets in your way. Roam freely across a huge island and gaze upon its magnificent full-3D environments and experience the feeling of an immersive, realistic world around you thanks to impressive non-player character interactions with true-to-life voice effects.

An unprecedented and original blockbuster for smartphone gamers
• Discover a blockbuster production with the best graphics, an unprecedented story & endless content.
• Experience an action-packed adventure with open environments, deep combat, platforming and more.

Witness a dark and action-packed tale of treason and revenge
• Become a rogue killer with nothing left to live for but vengeance on those who betrayed him.
• Use agility, strength and cunning to get the drop on your target, eliminate them quickly and escape.
• Master the combo-based combat system to slay anyone standing between you and your prey.

For the 1st time on Android, explore a beautiful 18th century Caribbean island
• Experience an immersive world through impressive character interactions and lifelike voice effects.
• Roam across a vast island full of exotic 3D environments like jungles, beaches, a volcano and more.
• Investigate 4 unique cities to find new quests and secrets.

What's in this version:
Several bugs fixed. More devices supported

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Evofish Apk v1.0.152 ~ APK Data

Evofish Apk v1.0.152

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Go forth and conquer the vast expanses of the ocean.

Go from prey to predator, while climbing your way to the top of the food chain.

In this original arcade game, use one of the four playable Evofish species.
Survive an increasingly deadly host of enemies, climb the evolutionary ladder by eating smaller fry and become the most fearsome predator in this hostile environment.

Whether playing in "Classic" or "Time Attack" mode, you'll also get the chance to try your hand at daily challenges to win shells that you can then trade for a number of different bonus items.


- Simple and addictive gameplay - eat or be eaten.
- Several different species with their own characteristics.
- 12 levels of evolution for each species.
- Enemies and a game environment that evolve with each level.
- A number of bonuses, such as potions, resurrection and bombs.
- Several unlockable achievements in the Game Center.
- Daily missions.

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Adblock Plus Apk v1.1.1.249 ~ Free Download

Adblock Plus Apk v1.1.1.249

Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: It blocks all online advertising when browsing, and when using your favorite apps like Angry Birds. It is 100% free and makes your Android device much more enjoyable.

Adblock Plus blocks: mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising, and much more.

PLEASE NOTE: Adblock Plus might have limited functionality, depending on the Android version on your device and whether your device has been rooted:
Rooted: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi and 3G
Non-rooted with Android 4 (or later): Blocks ads over Wi-Fi
Non-rooted with Android 3 or earlier: Some manual configuration is required. Please visit our website to learn how to setup your own proxy:
Also, Android does not allow ads to be blocked on SSL encrypted websites.

Adblock Plus is an open-source, community driven project. Many volunteers are contributing to the development and maintenance of Adblock Plus. Currently, there are over forty continuously updating filter lists in over a dozen different languages, ensuring that all obtrusive ads remain blocked.

Please note that Adblock Plus will probably become the highest data-using application on your Android device. However, this is only because Adblock Plus needs to filter the data to ensure that the ads can be blocked. Adblock Plus is actually only using a fraction of the data shown on your device.

What's in this version:
-Implemented automatic updates
-Added a dialog to help with the manual proxy configuration
-Separated filtering and proxy activation settings to avoid loss of connectivity after manual configuration
-Switched to the Holo user interface theme
-Improved icon hiding
-Implemented a workaround for a Chrome issue causing blank pages
-Fixed an issue with URLs containing apostrophes

Install Now:
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SkullForce Betrayal v1.1.4 (TPS Game) FULL Apk Game Download

SkullForce is a Third Person Shooter (TPS) Game with fantastic Graphics/ Sound Effects.
In the year 2210 SkullForce is one of the best Special Forces and they are trained to perform high-risk and dangerous missions. Your team is betrayed and now enemy soldiers have invaded the SkullForce headquarters and they reprogrammed the SkullForce Fighting Robots… so be aware! “they will attack you”.
You are one of the last Skull Force Soldiers who did survived the brutal attack and you must kill all the enemies to rescue the Skull Force head quarters. Good Luck!
SkullForce is one of the best TPS games on the Android Market with beautiful light and shadow effects, beautiful graphics and fantastic 3D sound effects, collectibles, fast gameplay… Best optimized for Tablets.
You will have many hours of gameplay with SkullForce!
How to Play SkullForce Betrayal?
The left button is for movement: (Left/Right/Forward/Backward)
The small Right Button is for Reload the Gun
The bigger Right Button is for Shooting the Gun (you get 30 Bullets per clip)
The Right side of the screen you can use to look around in the game and use it when you walk to look left or right.
The button in de middle is the Pause button, when you click it the game will paused and you see a new button, that is the Main Menu button. To go back to the game just click again on the Pause button.
You have to find and kill all the enemies before you can go to the next level!
Try to find the “Blinking SkullForce Logo” that will give you extra Health… You need this to complete the levels!
Now with extra levels and faster GamePlay… Soon also a FPS (First Person Shooter) version. Check out our NEW Video Link!
For more info visit our SkullForce website…
What’s in this version:
1 extra level added (each month we add 1 extra level)
Faster GamePlay
More Levels
Fix for HTC Phones
More Info:…YmV0cmF5YWwiXQ..
Download Instructions:

Dungeon Hunter 4 v1.0.1 Apk Game Download

⚡ Hack your way through an EPIC STORYLINE & a dark fantasy adventure
⚡ SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses
⚡ LOOT countless items
⚡ Choose from 4 types of warriors with unique combat styles
⚡ UPGRADE your battle skills
⚡ CUSTOMIZE, craft and charm your gear
⚡ Throughout the game, unveil the mysteries surrounding your warriors
⚡ Fight along your friends in the CO-OP arenas
⚡ Show off your battle skills in the action-packed PVP mode
⚡ Gather up and fight other warriors in TEAM DEATHMATCH games
The Demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago, have returned. You awaken from what seemed like anightmare to find your kingdom, Valenthia, decimated. Unharmed from the battle, you are mysteriously gifted with tremendous new power and skills. You could be your people’s only remaining hope…
Embark on an epic adventure and get ready to fight your way through intense solo and multiplayer levels in this new free installment of the iconic dungeon crawler game.
This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of: hack ‘n slash, action RPGs, dark fantasy games, multiplayer and freeadventure games.
If you are one of them, get the game now for free!
More Info:
Download Instructions:…b2f0cfc73d416/
Offline by : chathu_ac…43de5daf0fc0e/

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