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Hovering Controls v1.2.9 Apkmaniax

Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Ever wanted to use your smartphone without touching the screen? Now you can!!

Hovering Controls - screenshot
With Hovering Controls you can use your phone just like Samsung Galaxy S4 does with Air Gesture and much more!
If you find this app usefull for you, consider buying it for supporting new updates, thank you.
Hovering Controls uses the proximity sensor of your device to register simple motions performed in front of your device. Predetermined apps can be launched by either hovering over the sensor, swiping once, or swiping twice. Silencing an alarm or ringtone is as simple as a hand wave. You can also control your media playback this way, allowing you to change to the next or previous song or video without ever turning on the phone screen and physically touching it.
Do you like Quick Glance from Galaxy S4? Now you can have it too!!
And that is not all, you can lock/unlock your phone, answer calls, slide betwen photos in your gallery and scroll up/down in your browser!! (some features need a rooted device)
Two modes are available, both offering a different take on opening apps:
Target mode: open a pre-determined app with a set gesture
Carousel mode: open up apps from a set list of apps
Promotional video is from early Beta.
The app uses proximity sensor, use test sensor in menu to test your sensor sensibility and finde how you have to wave for it to detect. If you decide to hide notification icon, the service may stop working if android needs memery resources (it will stop detecting events ) for a while until it is restarted by its own.
Known issues:
- browser scroll, gallery swipe and unlock may not work, depend on phone model, fix in next update.
- for some users, slide twice is difficult, we are implementing a new shake system.
- phone app is open when choosing contacts and sometimes it crash.
Features for NO ROOT:
- Set apps to open with all the available gestures.
- Silence alarm.
- Silence incoming call.
- Switch betwen recent apps (like back and forward beheaviour)
- Fast go to home screen
- QuickGlance like Galaxy S4 has!!! (or choose to show your lockscreen)
- Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even with screen off!!!
- Shake phone during a call to activate/deactivate speakerphone.
- Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear (it uses Hover Hold motion)
Features for ROOT USERS:
- All previous features.
- AutoShoot pictures/videos, no need to push the button again!
- Unlock screen with two hand slides! (not available with secure lockscreens yet, future updates)
- Slide betwen your photos in your image gallery (1 slide->next, 2 slides->previous)
- Scroll up and down in your browser (1 slide->down, 2 slides->up)
More features to come as well as translations!!!
What’s New
- Music Controls fully implemented, read instructions in description.
- Unlock lockscreen for NON ROOT!!
- Fix a FC when answering a call.
- Other tweaks.
- Cleaned code for less ram usage and faster execution.
- Changed root code: root options should work better.
- Samsung Alarms now mute on wave, bugged in last version.
- Test Sensor own service now stops properly when exiting.
- HTC Sense added for gallery slides.
- Contacts and Phone and other apps now work properly
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TSF Shell v1.9.9.6 Apkmaniax

Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: TSF Shell is a unique graphical user interface experience for Android OS.
TSF Shell - screenshot

This premium home screen replacement allows for endless possibilities
as you personalize your widgets and home screens. Say goodbye to the
boring, traditional Android interface!
For more information about TSF Shell release history and to view the demo
of all versions please visit the following link:
this product in action to truly understand its unique capabilities!
*Multiple operations such as auto-arrangement, multi-item selection, adding
to folder, and multi-deleting can be quickly done by only one finger
*Folders can be utilitized in various ways.
*TSF Shell has an APP page (drawer) in addition to 4 home screens. You can
switch between homescreens by traditional swiping, or by utilizing the one
click switcher in the lower corner. When mastered, this gesture-like
homescreen switching becomes natural, and is much faster than swiping
across screens.
*Quickly create multiple app shortcuts and drag them to any page at once.
You can then distribute the app icons freely on the page, and can even
change the angles of the shortcuts. The arrangement and design is up to
your imagination!
*The side column provides access to most of TSF Shell’s widgets, folders,
contacts, weather, settings, and other app shortcuts of your choice.
*Side column can be completely personalized with your own shortcuts, it can
also be auto-hidden (viewable by swipe gesture).
*Powerful theme function. In addition to stylistic changes, themes can even
allow for transistion animation changes.
What’s New
Version (Aug.6,2013)
1.TSF Arch Shortcut Menu
2.Themes Mix V1.0 ( Batch Icon Change, compatible with all icon packages on Google Play )
3.New multiple selection
4.More pendant widgets
5.More icon menu option
6.New icon picker interface and operation mode
7.Memory usage reduced
8.Known bugs fixed
no lucky patcher or Google Play MOD needed!
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Handy Photo v1.1.4 Apkmaniax

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Welcome to creative photo editing!
Handy Photo was designed for those with a strong passion for photo editing.
The app is a perfect choice when it comes to correcting and enhancing photos from all possible angles.
Edit your photo with the Handy Photo’s complete set of truly powerful tools and obtain the results that will definitely impress you and all those viewing your works of art.
* Uncrop your photos in a unique way *
The tool is called Magic not accidentally. It enables the users to uniquely uncrop photos. No other app could do it. The Magic Crop is unique for one more reason. It allows straightening a crooked horizon without sacrificing the photo’s original size.
* Let the objects in your photos come alive *
Is it possible to move the objects in your photos in just a few taps? The answer is yes when it comes to the Move Me tool. Carry the object to any other place or photo and be satisfied that it suits there to a tee.
* Perform photo retouching in the best possible way *
Remove all undesired objects and blemishes from your photos in a tap. Mobile retouching has never been so fast and easy.
* Color and tone balance your photos *
Thanks to a complete toolset for adjusting color and tone of photos, you can properly balance your images’ Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Shadows, Highlights, etc. levels to make the photos look vivid and natural.
* Apply stunning photo filters *
A total of more than twenty filters, namely Black and White, Bleach Bypass, Color Standout, Cross Process, Dramatic, Duotone, Fog, Glow, Golden, HDR, Halftone, Ink, Lomo, Old Photo, Polarization, Polaroid, Sepia, Sketch, Smart Contrast, Tilt Shift, Tiny Planet, Vignette, and Vintage, are always at your disposal in case you feel like changing the atmosphere of any of your photos. All they are equally amazing, easy to adjust and apply, and flexible to work with.
* Add marvelous textures *
Create the atmosphere of your photo stories yourself with the Handy Photo’s pack of terrific textures (more than 90). Apply them to enhance your photos and make them truly pop. You can select from the following groups of textures: Cloth, Clouds, Frost and Ice, Grunge, Paper, Water, Wood.
The textures are adjustable, so make some settings to the texture you have selected, apply it, and you will become even more fascinated with your photo.
* Add attention-grabbing frames *
Before showing your photo to the whole world, it’s quite important to appropriately frame it. The Handy Photo’s excellent collection of frames serves just that purpose. Put the final touches on your photos by adding the following frames to them: Carton, Film, Grunge, Photo Album, Polaroid, and Retro Photo.
★ Move Me technology for intellectual objects extraction and moving
★ Magic Crop tool with unique photo “un-cropping” function
★ The best retouching technology for mobile platforms
★ Impressive collection of professional photo filters
★ Complete sets of high quality textures and frames
★ 100% size image viewing
★ Up to 36 MP support
★ Optimized for multi-core and GPU processors
★ Stylish and intuitive UI
Brought to you by the developers of TouchRetouch!
All devices running Android 2.3 or newer and supporting ARMv7.
Depending on the amount of total RAM available, the following resolution images processing is allowed:
2 GB of RAM – 24 MP
1 GB of RAM – 16 MP
786 Mb of RAM – 12 MP
512 Mb of RAM – 8 MP
less than 512 MP of RAM – 5 MP
What’s New
- Fixed black screen in MoveMe;
- Fixed Raw file opening according to size which is set;
- Fixed rotation after lock screen;
- Other small fixes and improvements.
More Info:
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1Weather Pro: Local Forecast, Radar v2.2 Apkmaniax

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: 1Weather is the most loved weather app on Google Play. At 4.6 stars, no weather app has a higher rating among users. And reviewers have heaped on the praise as well.
Weather: Local Forecast, Radar - screenshot
Why do they love it? In a word – Design. The app has a simple, yet beautiful interface that makes getting the weather elegant and fun. This UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this app #1.
When it comes to weather apps, you have lots of choices, so why not choose the best? Download 1Weather and judge for yourself.
“The Most Attractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We’ve Ever Seen” – Lifehacker
“The most beautiful weather app we’ve ever seen” – Android Police
“A Game Changing, Gorgeous Weather App” – Android Static
· Real-time local weather and forecasts for virtually any location around the world (Current + 48-hour)
· 7-day extended forecast and precipitation info
· Hourly forecast and precipitation info
· Conditions based background, dynamic photo backgrounds, and more!
· Follow my location – Updated weather when you are on the move
· LIVE animated radar and extreme weather warnings (US only) with layers
. Added Enhanced Cloud Layer for International locations on Radar Screen
· Animated sunrise, sunset, and Lunar phase (Phones only)
· Save multiple locations to access quickly and easily
· Gorgeous widgets (5 on phones, 6 on tablets) you can add to your home screen, including 2 clock widgets
· Share weather information (including screenshots and alert text) with friends and family via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
· Customize with multiple weather theme backgrounds or use your own custom background
· True server push alerts for NWS supported locations with configurable notification options by location and alert level
· Configurable Ongoing notification showing the current conditions for a location of your choice
· DashClock integration allowing you to select a location of your choice
Note: We have removed sensitive log permissions.
What’s New
+ New Live Weather theme that changes with the conditions
+ Select from preset themes or build your own
+ Choose from 20 photo background with automatically updating pics
+ Improved Today screen for phones
+ Enhanced location detection
+ Catalan, Czech, and Esperanto language support
+ Auto update for clock widgets fixed
Unlocked Pro features, removed ads!
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InstaDock App Organizer v1.801 PLUS ApkMANIAX

Requirements: Android 2.2+
InstaDock App Organizer
InstaDock App Organizer
InstaDock Widget works as an App Switcher and Apps Organizer from your Main Home Screen.
It’s designed for:
✔ Quick access to your favorites and recent apps
✔ Organize your apps into categories (folders)
✔ Keep Track of Background Memory Apps
✔ Instant identification of recently installed/updated apps
✔ Backup/Restore your categories and apps configuration in your SD
✔ Easy app Info/Uninstaller
✔ Toggle between favorites and recent apps in one place
✔ Choose between two Apps Organizer Modes: Tabs or Folders
✔ Two Folders Styles: Ice Cream Sandwich or iOS iPhone Style
✔ Uninstall unwanted apps with a long press
✔ Long press category labels for add/remove apps in a category
✔ No hidden service draining your battery
✔ Recent apps are available even after a reboot
✔ No need to Home Key long-pressing to access your recent apps
✔ Keep apps organized using ‘Uncategorized Apps’ settings option
✔ After a backup restore, missing apps are identified and allowed to be re-installed or dismissed forever
Quick Notes:
✔ InstaDock was designed to be in your Main Home Screen. This way each time the Home-Key is pressed, you can switch between apps in a blink.
✔ The first time InstaDock accesses your apps, it will take a while creating your apps database, but don’t worry this is a onetime process. After this initial launch, access to your apps list is virtually instant.
✔InstaDock is a widget and must be initially launched from the Widgets menu; long press over an empty space within your wallpaper and select ‘Widgets’ from the emerging menu then look for InstaDock label.
What’s New
Versions History:

Bug Fix: Wrong Recent App Launched
Dynamic Header Folders
UI Performance Improvements
InstaDock Folder Mode by Default
Favorites Folder Debugged
Improved Main Icons Resolution
New InstaDock Folder Mode
New iPhone Style Folders and
New Android Ice Cream Sandwitch Style Folders: Settings -> Categories
Folders in Widget Favorites
Redesigned InstaDock Memory/TaskKiller
Friendlier Folder Apps Selection Dialog
All Premium features available.
No Key file needed.
More Info:
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Start menu for Android v1.3.4 Apkmaniax

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher,
Now on Android, use the “Start” menu of MS Windows!

Start menu for Android
This application has been designed for a purpose from the “Start” for the series of Windows.
Have you ever had some difficulties to find and manage the applications installed on the device?
This application supports the user interface very similar to ‘Start’ menu of MS Windows. So you can find and manage all the applications with ease.
Also, you can sort your applications installed all folders and create shortcut to a folder or a predefined group starred as the hot, hidden and more. Other folders management applications are no longer necessary!
The app drawer will successfully replaced this.
* Key Features
- User interface very similar to the Windows Start menu
- Applications PIN to the favorites list
- List of Hot Apps
- Panel of decorating by adding a widget
- Hide, application info, uninstalling, the application folder, shortcuts and activities
- Create shortcut to the folder or more.
- Skins different: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS …
Keyword: Start menu, app drawer, folder organizer, organizer applications
More information:
What’s in this version?
-supports custom icon for the “Start Menu” floating
-props to change individual application icons
-Fully optimized for faster opening the start menu
-Fixed some bugs
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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK+DATA (Unlimited Money)

√ Play as a mixed martial arts
(MMA) fighter in a BLOCKBUSTER
√ Make your way through 80
MISSIONS filled with action
√ Build up a gangster squad to take over Vegas and win mafia wars ENDLESS SANDBOX FUN
√ Explore a BIGGER CITY, 9x the
size of the previous Gangstar game
√ Perform amazing stunts with
ragdoll effects making use of
√ Climb the leaderboards in tough
CHALLENGES including air, water
and street racing, MMA fighting &
√ Become Vegas's finest shooter in
Carnage & Heist modes
√ Break the bank in addictive
√ Access INSANE WEAPONS like
Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers & an electric guitar!
including monster trucks, muscle
cars & fighter jets
and customize their appearance
√ Enjoy an amazing soundtrack
featuring Skrillex, Kavinsky,
Chromatics and more

Download Normal Apk...

Download Data....

Download Mod Apk....

Need internet at First launch.
Getting low quality and no people
in the city then just download this
profile file and place in the data


Change language to ENGLISH from settings.

How to Install:
1. Install the apk
2. Put the data folder to sdcard/Android/obb/...
3. Launch and play


Ravenswords Shadowlands v1.3 APK +DATA

How to Install:
1. Install the apk
2. Put the data folder to sdcard/Android/obb/...
3. Launch and play

Download Apk+Data...

Part 1.....

Part 2.....

Part 3....


Champs: Battlegrounds v1.1.5 APK+DATA

Lead your squad to victory in
Champs: Battlegrounds, an action-
packed squad based strategy game
with fast-paced real-time combat.
Choose your Champs, build your
squad, battle through the campaign
or challenge other players, and
upgrade your army with more
powerful Champs. Make every
move count, as the decisions you
make in the heat of battle have the potential to determine victory or defeat.

Download Apk+Data....

How to Install:
1. Install the apk
2. Put the data folder to sdcard/Android/obb/...
3. Launch and play


All-In-One Toolbox PRO (21+ Tools) v3.6 Apkmaniax

All-In-One Toolbox PRO (21+ Tools) v3.6
Requirements: Android v2.0+
Overview: All-In-One Toolbox provides comprehensive system optimizing techniques, including real-time memory info, one click memory quick boosting, task killer, cache cleaner, history cleaner, and SD file manager etc. It embraces all factors that matter to device performance, and helps to optimize your device to run at optimum speed.
All-In-One Toolbox (21+ Tools) - screenshot
All-In-One Toolbox provides comprehensive system optimizing techniques, including real-time memory info, one click memory quick boosting, task killer, cache cleaner, history cleaner, and SD file manager etc. It embraces all factors that matter to device performance, and helps to optimize your device to run at optimum speed.
Supported language: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish
All-In-One Toolbox – Editor’s Pick from, Featured Android Tools from
Product features:
1. Apk Cleaner
2. Backup & Restore
3. Homescreen shortcut
4. Memory status report (RAM, ROM, SD Card memory and CPU)
5. System information
6. One-click task killer
7. Cache cleaner f000h
8. History cleaner (clipboard, browser, Market, Gmail search, Google Maps, Google Earth history)
9. Call log and messages cleaner
10. SD Card temporary file cleaner
11. App to SD Card
12. SD Card file manager
13. Batch installer
14. Batch uninstaller
15. Startup manager
16. Add app to startup
17. Homescreen widget
*Simple and interactive user interface
*Tweak all system optimizing features at ease
*Embrace all system optimizing techniques
*Comprehensive one-click optimization
*Free of charge
Kw: toolbox, all-in-one toolbox, all-in-one tool, all-in-one tool box, all-in-one tools, memory, ram, booster, optimize, boost, optimization, task killer, task manager, atk, taskiller, memory booster, ram booster, battery, save battery, battery booster, system manager, process kill, speed up, system speed, app killer, system panel, memory cleaner, android booster, android optimizer, cache cleaner, history eraser, call log cleaner, message cleaner, app2sd, SD file manager, installer, uninstaller, startup manager
What’s New
- Add Compass Plugin
- Add Greek language support (By Βαγγέλης Παπαλουκάς)
- Accelerate SD Card Cleaner, APK Cleaner, Batch Installer
- Optimize widget
- Other enhancement
Please contact us if you could help with the localization (translation) of our apps.
Unlocked Pro features in All-In-One Toolbox (21+ Tools)!
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Remote Desktop Client v4.1.2 Apkmaniax

Requirements: 1.6+
Overview: No lugging your laptop around anymore. Connect remotely from Android device !

Remote Desktop Client v4.1.2 Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile device powered by Google Android platform. Once connected, it gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that’s happening on the screen.
You can leave your computer without losing access to your files, applications, and e-mail. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). All the necessary server components are already part of most versions of the Windows operating system (except Home varieties).
Features :
8, 16, 24 and 32 bit color support
Custom screen resolutions, including an option to automatically fit to the device screen
SSL security and support for Network Level Authentication (NLA).
Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway, a.k.a. TS Gateway) support.
RemoteApp programs support.
On-screen keyboard for keys missing on the device (functional keys, etc.)
Server address book
Master password to secure server password storage
Audio redirection to the client from a remote computer
Microphone redirection from the client to a remote computer
File transfer between SD card and remote computer
Copy/paste text between client and server
Display zoom in/zoom out
Pinch-to-zoom (available on the devices with multi-touch functionality)
The first and only mobile Remote Desktop client with support for Microsoft Remote Assistance
RDP data compression and caching to save bandwidth
Android home screen shortcuts
Support for x86 based Android devices
Automatic activation of a software keyboard in text fields
The following operating system have Remote Desktop Services and can be connected using Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client without any additional server side software:
Windows Server 2000
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise
Windows Server 2008
Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise
Windows Server 2008R2
The following operating system do not have Remote Desktop Services out of the box:
Windows XP Home
Windows Vista Home
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows 7 Starter
Windows 7 Home Premium
Mac OS
What’s in this version: (Updated : Aug 4, 2013)
Added RemoteFX graphics support
Fixed the issue of app crashing when connecting to Windows 8.1 Preview
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PDF Max: The #1 PDF Reader! v1.2.0 Apkmaniax

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+
Overview: PDF Max is the 5-star rated, full-featured PDF reader used by millions of iPhone/iPad users world-wide and now available for your Android!
PDF Max: The #1 PDF Reader! - screenshot
It was designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured, touch-based optimization & professional PDF application. It provides all features you need for an everyday PDF app in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

PDF Max features include:
TEXT REFLOW: PDF Max includes an Amazing Text Reflow feature that helps you read your PDF easily with any kind of PDF. Forget the tedious pan & zoom steps, you now just enjoy reading your documents.
TEXT TO SPEECH: Don’t keep your eyes on the screen all the time, Let the superb TTS feature in PDF Max does the work: It read PDF documents for you.
FAST RENDERING: PDF Max equips a super-fast rendering engine worked smoothly on all Android Phones/Tablets with Android 2.2 or newer.
FAST SCROLLING: PDF Max is the best PDF app that allows continuous vertical scroll through an entire document. You can also set the option to view one page at a time, it’s your choice.
SMART ZOOM: Double-tap on text blocks and PDF Max will zoom the touched text block to fit the screen. Simple & efficient reading.
UI & NAVIGATE: The Navigation Panel lets you interact with your documents by thumbnails, bookmarks, annotations, PDF outline, Search or other common actions.
LARGE PDFs: PDF Max opens large PDFs easily without any problem. The maximum file size is only depending on the file size supported by the device itself.
PDF Max lets you insert text into your PDF by creating FreeTexts (a.k.a TypeWriter).
Use your finger or a stylus to take handwritten notes or highlight text in books, whether normal PDF or scanned. Eraser is of course also included to help you correct and refine your handwriting.
Mark important things in books, journals or documents using Highlight, Underline, Cross-out and Squiggly tools.
Add comments anywhere in the document. PDF Max even supports thread-conversations to help you collaborate with others like never before.
Draw, position and resize a multitude of shapes, including Rectangles, Lines, Ovals, Polylines, and Polygons with intelligent snapping.
You can reorder pages, insert blank pages and even delete PDF pages. PDF Max also supports manage PDF Bookmarks.
[EASY TO USE AND POWERFUL FILE MANAGER] Manage your own PDF library or all your PDFs on your devices easily with an intuitive File Management Interface. Dropbox is supported, more storages will be supported in the next updates.
What’s New
Version 1.1:
- Android 4.3 support.
- Enhanced PDF Engine.
- Fixed bugs reported by users.
- Small enhancements.
Download Zippyshare


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