Samsung says that they still rule sales in India

Recent market claims show that Micromax is the number one smartphone manufacturer in India, but Samsung says that this is not so. The Korean manufacturer avers that they still rule sales in the region, according to Samsung President and Chief Executive for South-West Asia, BD Park.

Park went on to say that it is true Samsung’s sales decreased a bit last quarter, stating the the Galaxy S5 didn’t sell as well as they hoped, but that it still met the Korean manufacturer’s targets. According to the company’s internal data, they are still doing more than double the amount of sales as Micromax is in the region.

Park had some allegations concerning the data that named Micromax the best-selling in India, stating that there was “some business motive behind release of such kind of data.” It seems that Park is suggesting that Micromax had a hand in naming itself number one in India, as part of a PR move to increase its business.

It should be noted that Counterpoint Technology Market Research, a third party firm, conducted the study that named Micromax the top dog.

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