Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge German pre-orders launch

Want to be among the first to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge? If yes we have news for – good news and bad news.

The cool part is that several German retailers have already launched their pre-order campaign, so you can book your unit right now and never worry there won’t be stock left for you. The not-really-cool bit is that some of them have added such a hefty premium on top of the expected asking price that it makes you wonder if it’s worth it.

Pre-orders are taken at the mind-blowing €995.91 – almost $1,300. Amazon DE even has the guts to say that you are actually saving just over €3 from the regular retail price, which according to it will stand at €999. Even though Samsung has failed to quote a specific price, we can bet that this is far from the truth.

Things are looking far more reasonable over at Notebooksbilliger, redcoon and MediaMarkt, which all charge €699 to book your Galaxy Note 4. The first of those stores also lists the Galaxy Note Edge on pre-order, but it comes with another €1,000 price tag.

Given that last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 last year at about €600, we imagine its successor won’t start much higher now. Even if Samsung goes for a price hike, it’s extremely unlikely that it will be more than €50 – it’s just how things work in this business.

It’s likely that the Galaxy Note Edge will warrant a higher price, given that its the first device of its kind. It’s anyone’s guess how high Samsung might go there really.



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